Thai Binh Trading and Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2004, gradually affirming its professionalism in the fields of operation such as: Construction of mechanical – electrical – refrigeration works for factories and factories in the areas. export processing, industrial zones

With a team of skilled engineers and workers, officially trained from prestigious universities and colleges at home and abroad, Thai Binh has gradually affirmed as one of the leading companies in the field of contractors. building refrigeration system.

With the goal of bringing customers the best services and products, meeting customer requirements. Thai Binh is constantly improving skills, skills and qualifications for workers, technicians and company management team. Regularly open professional training classes and fully equip labor protection devices in accordance with current domestic and foreign standards.

Therefore, Thai Binh has received the trust and choices of strict foreign investors such as P&G, Intel, Triumph, Design, American standar, Sanofi, Dynea VN, Orion vina. , VN solid waste treatment company, Sai Gon Precision company … as main contractor of mechanical and electrical construction. 90% of our customers are foreign invested corporations.

With the rapid development speed of technology as well as the constant change of market requirements, our company always tries to provide the fastest and most complete new products and new technologies in the field of Mechanical refrigeration. At the same time, regularly researching and implementing practical after-sales programs to serve the increasing needs of our customers.

Our company operates in the fields of:

  • Designing, consulting and supervising M&E works, construction.
  • Professional contractor of M&E system.
  • Construction and installation of substations.
  • Dynamic power system and lighting.
  • Refrigeration systems.
  • Fresh air ventilation and supply system.
  • Industrial pumping systems and pipes.
  • Integrated industrial automation system.
  • Industrial weighing system
  • Water supply and drainage system.
  • Fire protection system.
  • Anti-lightning system
  • Public lighting system.
  • Designing and manufacturing industrial machine systems.
  • Assembling, manufacturing and trading all kinds of cabinets, electrical panels, low-voltage busbar, industrial production lines, high-rise building control systems, constructing telecommunication works
  • Design and construction of civil and industrial projects.
  • Maintenance of mechanical-refrigeration systems

In addition, we are a genuine distributor of industrial electromechanical products with famous brands such as Siemens, Schneider, ABB, Meoller, Mitsubishi, LG, Shihlin, Teco, Omron, Taya, Cadivi, LS. … We are committed to providing genuine electrical equipment, good quality, competitive prices accompanied by prompt services promptly meet the requirements of customers. We regularly update and advise our customers on optimal solutions in choosing equipment to enhance production productivity and reduce costs when used.

With the motto: “Quality – Prestige – Quick – Effective“. We hope to meet the highest requirements of our customers.

Sincere thanks to the trust of our customers for our products and services!



Constantly developing sustainably and affirming its brand in the field of Refrigeration and Electrical Engineering in Vietnam, becoming a contractor that any investor wishes to cooperate.


1.    All activities of the company are directed to the interests of customers and employees.

2.    Creating customers’ trust and satisfaction through technical solutions, construction schedules and price policies.

3.    Always attaching importance to quality, safety, efficiency and environmental protection in all activities of the company.

4.    Regularly training to improve the professional competence of the staff to better meet the needs of customers.

5.    Strengthening cooperation with domestic and foreign partners to create synergy to meet the needs of customers.

6.    This mission is thoroughly understood and applied by all employees of Thai Binh Company.






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All activities of the company are directed at customer benefits

This mission is thoroughly understood and applied by all employees of Thai Binh Company.