1. Supplying and distributing electrical system:

    • Power distribution system of medium-voltage up to 35KV.
    • Power distribution system of low-voltage
    • Generator systems, electrical panels, transformers …
    • Electric lighting system.
    • Lightning system.

2. Civil electrical system:

    • CCTV system.
    • Communications systems, telephones, public sound systems.
    • Cable TV systems.
    • Computer networks.

3. Automation System:

    • Automatic control system
    • BMS and PLCs control systems
    • Safety  and warning control systems.

4. Engineering Construction:

  4.1.  Recessed electric pipes.

    • The position, length, high, width of the clipping on the wall. Then use hand cutter to cut the wall in a predetermined position.
    • Installation of electrical pipes, closed wall grid cutting lines to prevent cracking under the pipe .
    • Satisfactory acceptance, conducting wall paint.

  4.2./  Recessed electric pipes concrete floor.

    • Using coat of paint marks the positions of intermediate box on the formwork floor when the unit construction finishes the formwork floor.
    • Put the box at the designated box placement, using electric tube to connect all the boxes, forming the path of electric wires for the device. The work is done when the floor was installed a steel stratum.
    • Acceptance pipe, box, meet the requirement to conduct concreting the floor.
    • Concrete floor must have someone on duty to handle in case of incidents such as:  flat pipe, breaking tubes, disconnects,

  4.3./.   Installation of cable tray systems.

    • High-level positioning, the cable tray bracket placement.
    • Outwork the bracket, installed in the positioning location, distance the bracket gutter from 1.3 m to 1.5 m.
    • At the cable tray to the cabinet position is used to down elbows and up elbows, not cut gutter by handicraff  to  transplant at the turning point, crossroad position of trough system, instead of the appendix ( tee , elbow ,cross, … ) is manufactured at the factory in order to avoid scratching the cables in cable tray.
    • The cable tray is connected to land by PVC-coated bronze or bronze to constitute a safety grounding systems for cable routes.
    • Installation of the gutters and editing.

  4.4./  Open electric pipes and spine out.

    •    Drain off the formwork floor, using the plastic wire slipping into electric pipes.
    •    After coloring the ceiling, drawing the power cable and controlling the equipment.
    •    Zipper is made a mark each route, by color and phase.

  4.5./  Check wires and install the devices.

    •   Testing whether the wires have the clear circuits, and short circuit in install process, the electrical insulation between the conductor wires, the leakage of  the electric currents.
    •   After checking the safe wires, installation of the equipment.
    •    After installation is completed, conducting test run, used ampere defines lines each phase, then the calibration phase currents to ensure the phase balance in the system.
    •    Electrical cabinets are labeled, the functional diagram of each device in a cabinet.

  4.6./   Electrical cabinet.

    •    Drawing diagrams and installation location  MCB in cabinets and size of the electrical cabinets.
    •    Outworking the electrical cabinet cover, according to the drawing of the investor.
    •    Installation of the equipment in the complete cabinets.
    •    Check the insulation, the leakage, ensuring the electrical safety and the switchgear.
    •    Installation of the cabinet into place and connect the in- out cable head.
    •    Check the phase sequence and the electrical safety.

  4.7./   Testing, checking and take over the entire system.

    • Use the resistive gauges insulated, check all the wiring circuit, ensuring the safety and aesthetic of the system.
    • Operate the system.
    • Close the power of the entire system and in no -loaded mode.
    • Operate the system in the load mode (also closed the loaded power in each level).
    • Fixing the error technical correction (if yes).
    • cleaning the entire system.
    •  Acceptance of the system, hand over.

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