HVAC Technical Staff


  • Labor contract, social insurance, health insurance, accident insurance 24/24.
  • Competitive salary according to ability.
  • Reward based on work efficiency ratio: according to KPI, project reward, seniority, efficiency, 13th month, bonus for holidays, Tet ……
  • Annual travel
  • Attractive treatment: birthdays, festivals …
  • Dynamic working environment, professional & friendly
  • Standard corporate culture.
  • Friendly working environment and many opportunities for learning, developing and advancing at work;


  1. M&E Commander: 02 people
  2. M&E Project Engineer: 02 people
  3. Electrical Engineer: 02 people
  4. Automatic Mechanical Engineer: 02 people
  5. Electrical Technical Staff: 05 people

Vacancies : HVAC Technical Staff

  • Number of recruitment: 3 people
  • Job description
  • Know about the field of industrial HVAC (Non-civil).
  • Experience in construction and maintenance of HVAC systems.
  • Know BMS system.
  • Understanding about VRV, Chiller …


  • Graduated from intermediate level upwards specializing in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
  • From 2 years or more.
  • Study hard, gracious, open, cheerful, professional and responsible working attitude.
  • Withstand working pressure, able to work independently, work in teams.


  • Ms. Ha Head of Human Resources (0888.552.868)
  • Email : hr@thicongcodien.com.vn
  • Address: 205/14, Road Linh Trung, Thu Duc District, HCM City

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