Satellite launchers are about to be built in New Zealand

New Zealand will soon become the main center for launching satellites into orbit after Rocket Lab, the US aerospace company, announced plans to build a launch pad in the country.

Business Insider (USA) on July 25 reported that Rocket Lab is aiming to remove barriers to commercializing aerospace through the launch of affordable satellites.

A drawing of Rocket Lab’s launch pad is posted on the Rocket Lab homepage

The company announced plans to build a launch site in the Kaitorete Spit strip of the Canterbury area, near the city of Christchurch. Here they will set up a launch pad and rocket called Electron, which will launch small satellites to low Earth orbit.

Peter Beck, CEO of Rocket Lab, said he chose New Zealand because the country “has the technical, logistical and economic advantages” that NASA once used for flights under orbit.

The area in New Zealand is tilted and in sync with the Sun’s orbit, making it ideal for launching small satellites,” Beck said.

With traditional launch systems facing the prospect of overloading, Rocket Lab decided to build its own launcher with the goal of 100 launches in a year.

The construction and commissioning of our satellite launch point is essential to meet the growing needs of our customers. With regular satellite launch from this launch point, Rocket Lab will take a step forward. closer to the goal of commercializing the aerospace industry, “Beck added.

Reportedly, the first launch is expected to be carried out later this year.


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