When your eyeglass frames are bent, it will be difficult to bring them back to their original shape. However, if your glasses are made of this new self-forming alloy, you don’t need to worry, because just putting your frames in hot water will return to its original shape. New studies have given rise to materials that can be usefully used in the construction industry.

SMA alloys help increase the quality of construction
Research institute of Bergakademie Freiberg Technical University, Germany conducted an experiment in which SMA shaped memory alloys were forged to a temperature of 1,1500 degrees Celsius. SMA alloys can return to their original form after being Severe deformation naturally or after heat use. This useful material is used not only for frame types but also for technical applications like thermostats, actuators. Other applications in the construction industry are as bridge reinforcement.

If reinforced concrete beams are cast with rods made of SMA material, then they can be “activated” through thermal applications. To reinforce the bridge it is necessary to create the necessary force on SMA rods simply by heating them by passing an electric current through them.

Nickel titanium alloys used as frames are not suitable for use in construction industries. Iron-based SMA materials are useful in construction because of low raw material costs and production costs. However, a major problem is that to activate the effect, the temperature must be raised to 4000 degrees Celsius, for sensitive materials such as concrete, mortar, this level of heat is too high. In a new study, scientists have come up with an iron-manganese-silicon-based SMA memory alloy, which only needs to be activated at 1600 degrees Celsius, suitable for concrete.

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