Industrial water supply and drainage system

1. Water supply:

    • Use water standards 33-2006.
    • Water supply network, it should use the best ring network.
    • The bend position, clock, valve should be used the individual manholes for water supply.
    • At private plot for each industrial enterprises should be arranged the available bend positions with the manholes for each enterprise.

2. Drainage:

    • According to the standard 7957-2008.
    • With the network, in any position with the road is the rainwater drainage pipes and arrange some sullage pits in 2 sides to reduce the crossings road.
    • Manholes location is arranged according with the standard and the boundary between each plot (the best thing is that to not put among the location of the plot).
    • Manholes size is found on the internet.
    • There may be cases where the available wastewater drainage position for each plot with the manholes ,may have to put some the wastewater flow metered (depending on the design requirements and investor)


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