Design – Construction of fire protection system

Design – Construction of fire protection system

– A complete fire protection system has a very high protection value for the assets and lives of households, companies, schools, etc. However, the fire prevention and fighting in our country is still not really up to the standards to ensure the lives and property of everyone. Most households and businesses are still applying firefighting instead of fire protection. By the time of the fire, the rescue force could not handle the entire fire right away and encountered many difficulties, resulting in painful consequences for property and life, causing huge physical damage. and spirit. Therefore, it is essential to inspect and troubleshoot fire protection systems and detect leaks for damage.
– In the dry season, the weather is hot and dry, it is easy to cause a fire, there have been many unexpected fires and took the lives of many people. If a fire protection system is installed and fully operational in the factory, the damage caused by fires will be minimized. Many factories, buildings and companies have actively installed fire protection systems, however, until the fire, the fire protection system did not work because it was not maintained and checked. often, leaks of joints, leaks, leaking pipes, clogging of water pipes, etc. These factors may be caused by:

    • Failure to maintain, inspect and troubleshoot fire protection systems regularly.
    • During the construction process, the wiring and installation of signal transmission lines were ineffective, resulting in the fire alarm not working as expected
    • Using poor quality installation materials, wear and tear, no guarantee of quality
    • The strong impact during the construction process causes broken pipes, leaks, loose joints.
    • The water pump system is not strong enough to handle the fire.
    • Therefore, in addition to the construction and installation, the inspection, maintenance and troubleshooting of fire prevention and fighting systems must also be paid attention and emphasized. Owning a state-of-the-art, state-of-the-art fire protection system that is regularly inspected and guaranteed quality will bring tremendous protection value to your beloved home, minimizing the harm of fire. , protect property and family members.

– To ensure the quality of the fire protection system for the project and to increase the protection value of the system, our company specializes in providing construction services, installation, inspection, maintenance, leakage repair. rusting the fire protection system, ensuring the system always works efficiently and completely. Our team has many years of experience in researching and executing fire protection works of international standards, specialized for many subjects: households, agencies, schools, agencies. administrative, hospital, military, apartment, supermarket, …
– The company’s technical team has solid experience and expertise in inspecting, detecting system failures, leaks, repairing, improving the efficiency and remedying fire protection systems, and optimize the system to ensure 100% efficiency. We aim to contribute to providing our customers with protective and minimizing value, as well as preventing any fire risks for them.
– A complete fire protection system that is regularly tested is an integral part of your home. And that is exactly what we offer our customers. If there are any signs of damage to the fire protection system where you are or business, please contact us immediately.
– Contact us: Fire protection services and overcoming professional fire protection systems.



Industrial water supply and drainage system

1. Water supply:

    • Use water standards 33-2006.
    • Water supply network, it should use the best ring network.
    • The bend position, clock, valve should be used the individual manholes for water supply.
    • At private plot for each industrial enterprises should be arranged the available bend positions with the manholes for each enterprise.

2. Drainage:

    • According to the standard 7957-2008.
    • With the network, in any position with the road is the rainwater drainage pipes and arrange some sullage pits in 2 sides to reduce the crossings road.
    • Manholes location is arranged according with the standard and the boundary between each plot (the best thing is that to not put among the location of the plot).
    • Manholes size is found on the internet.
    • There may be cases where the available wastewater drainage position for each plot with the manholes ,may have to put some the wastewater flow metered (depending on the design requirements and investor)



Lightning Protection System Solutions

Some common and effective lightning protection measures.

1. Distinguish different types of lightning such as direct lightning, indirect lightning, lightning induction .

– Direct lightning strike is a lightning strike directly on a building’s house or on a metal water tank or antenna post located on the building, hitting a tree, hitting a moving person while there are thunderstorms … This is the most dangerous type of lightning because it can cause severe damage to the building or cause death.
– Indirect lightning strike is a lightning strike on a telephone line, a high-voltage or low-voltage transmission line in a certain place and then along a transmission line into the project, damaging the electric equipment being used. We often see the phenomenon of light bulbs, phones, TVs, refrigerators … burning or people calling are shocked after a thunderstorm all due to the effects of this type of lightning. Induction includes electrostatic induction and electromagnetic induction. Electrostatic precipitates are usually only dangerous for structures containing flammable substances such as petrol and gas due to the impact of secondary discharges while electromagnetic induction lightning is only dangerous for modern equipment used. electronic components sensitive to electrical impulses in post, telecommunications and broadcasting projects.
– A complete lightning protection system must fully show the above lightning protection content, but for most households people are usually only interested in direct lightning protection.
– There are many technical measures for lightning protection, but so far no equipment or system of lightning protection has achieved absolute efficiency. A common lightning protection model that has been recognized as effective in a limited range that is still widely used in many parts of the world is the classic Franklin lightning collecting system because it has proven Intelligent protection with an allowable reliability has existed for hundreds of years.
– Franklin lightning rod is a metal rod with a tip about 3m long, installed at the highest point in the area to be protected, it operates according to the principle of point discharge, that is, in the atmospheric electric field of a thunderstorm, This lightning rod will continuously release charge into the space so that around the air-termination end there will be a strong local electric field compared to the surrounding points and form a priming spark (bait line) so it is easy Attracting the downstream lightning current from the clouds, this lightning current will be transmitted from the needle through the wiring system to the ground and dissipate quickly in the soil by the grounding grounding. Thus, the lightning protection system will create a safe range for the works that it protects. However, in reality, there are still lightning strikes in buildings that have anti-lightning systems, which are called ring lightning, so to ensure safety, we should not install the lightning protection system by ourselves, but thanks to go to the technician to design and calculate the system so that the system ensures specifications such as protection range, lightning dissipation resistance, lightning strike capability, secondary discharge capability, etc. so the new lightning protection system fulfills its duty. In the opposite case, the system itself is the cause of the disaster for the building and the people living in it.

2. Select lightning arreste:

– According to the progress of science and technology, people have researched and manufactured positive lightning collecting needles (instead of the classic passive lightning collecting needles mentioned above) to actively catch lightning so that it does not strike at work. The program needs protection. Currently on the Vietnamese market there are nearly a dozen active metals of different countries such as the US, France, Australia, Italy ….. These types of lightning collectors operate on different working principles but generally can be divided into two main types:

a/ Early discharge type: These are lightning collecting needles which have a characteristic of emitting a relatively early primer line when the atmospheric electric field has not reached the critical value, which means that it actively catches lightning discharge current at some point in the space away from the structure it protects. We can imagine that when operating, the lightning collective needle stretches tens of times their actual length, this segment is called the virtual height of the lightning collective needle and thus they have a scope. The protection is much bigger than the classical lightning collecting needle at the same height.

b/ Type of charge dispersion: These types of lightning collecting needles have the characteristic of creating a positively charged layer of space in the atmosphere above the tip of the needle based on the principle of point discharge. the more powerful and spatially charged, the more it acts as an electrostatic screen that weakens the electric field between the thundercloud and the soil, eliminating the risk of lightning discharges.
There is also a combination of the two types to create another lightning protection system called a kind of delayed discharge. This type has the advantage of increasing the protection scope but is very expensive compared to the two types above.

– For nearly 20 years, we have studied the specifications of over 20 different types of lightning collecting needles, including those not yet available in Vietnam market and also designed and constructed hundreds of lightning protection systems. For many different types of buildings, in general, the working principles are much more effective than the classical lightning collecting needles and each has different advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, since active lightning collecting needles have only developed strongly in Vietnam in the past 5 years, more time is needed to monitor and evaluate which ones meet the quality and level requirements. durable and effective in protecting the building in tropical climates like our country, in addition to the price is also a factor of concern because they are not very suitable for the majority of households who want to install a Own lightning protection system for your home.
– In summary, as mentioned above, a lightning protection system in addition to the lightning collecting needle also has a guide for lightning and a ground for dissipating lightning current in the soil which is not easy to install, especially for public buildings. Process of urban areas. The down-conductor has the effect of easily conveying the lightning current to the ground, it must withstand local heating temperatures so as not to deform. The grounding ground is responsible for quickly dissipating the lightning current in the ground to avoid the high voltage existing on the lightning protection system, which is to prevent secondary discharges and the effects of step voltages, which are dangerous factors. can damage the structure and cause death. Therefore we see that once the lightning protection system is not up to technical quality, it is a disaster for us to have lightning strikes on the building. So if you require installation of a lightning protection system, you can contact us for specific instructions by relying on the actual characteristics of your building such as soil resistivity, geographic characteristics. management of the area, installation site and ground structure, safe distance in air and in the earth … in order to achieve a lightning protection system that maximizes their ability to protect safety for the building and the people living in it.




Mekong Company provides long-term installation, repair and maintenance of electronic scales such as: Laboratory electronic scales, industrial electronic scales for factories and factories. Electronic scales for fisheries. Analytical balance, packing scale, technical balance, etc.

With a team of professional technical staff, with extensive experience in the field of electronic scales will make customers happy with our service. Besides, we specialize in importing and supplying all kinds of scales: Analytical electronic scales, Electronic scales, Calculating electronic scales, Product counting electronic scales, Small disc electronic scales, Table electronic scales small, large scale electronic scales, truck electronic scales, hanging hook electronic scales …



Intergrated industrial systems.

Distributors and integrated measurement systems, automation overall industrial plants: beer wine, Beverage, food technology, water treatment, cement, pulp working, ..



Designable construction of industrial refrigeration systems – Cold Storage System-Chiller

– Electro Mechanical Refrigerant Thai Binh Co. is the contractor providing designable services industrial refrigeration systems using specialized methods. Offering the best optimal solution for customers in order to supply the best industrial refrigeration systems, both quality and aesthetics, with the good prices for our customers.
– With a technical team of more than 50 employees have many practical experience through great works.Thai Binh Co. gives customers a perfect  – fast – qualitative – excellent warranty service .
– We specialize in the designable construction and installation of the  Center refrigeration – Cold Storage projects:

    • Installation of air-conditioners, trade centers and buildings.
    • Installation of air conditioning plant, …
    • Installation of air-conditioning server room (data center).
    • Installing cooling and cooling systems for production lines, …
    • Installing cold storage for freezing seafood, food, etc.
    • Installing cold storage to preserve agricultural products (vegetables, tubers, fruits, flowers, etc.).
    • Installing cold storage for health and pharmaceutical industries.
    • The equipment and machinery we supply are of European standards.
    • Refrigeration compressor system: Tecumseh – France, Bitzer – Germany, Copeland – Thailand, Copeland – USA, …
    • Components: Dixell – Italy, Danfoss, Castel, …

– All systems have a 12-month warranty from the hand-over date.
– In order to work well and avoid wasting, Thai Binh always supplies the quickly periodical maintenance services and the good cost for our satisfied customers.



1. Supplying and distributing electrical system:

    • Power distribution system of medium-voltage up to 35KV.
    • Power distribution system of low-voltage
    • Generator systems, electrical panels, transformers …
    • Electric lighting system.
    • Lightning system.

2. Civil electrical system:

    • CCTV system.
    • Communications systems, telephones, public sound systems.
    • Cable TV systems.
    • Computer networks.

3. Automation System:

    • Automatic control system
    • BMS and PLCs control systems
    • Safety  and warning control systems.

4. Engineering Construction:

  4.1.  Recessed electric pipes.

    • The position, length, high, width of the clipping on the wall. Then use hand cutter to cut the wall in a predetermined position.
    • Installation of electrical pipes, closed wall grid cutting lines to prevent cracking under the pipe .
    • Satisfactory acceptance, conducting wall paint.

  4.2./  Recessed electric pipes concrete floor.

    • Using coat of paint marks the positions of intermediate box on the formwork floor when the unit construction finishes the formwork floor.
    • Put the box at the designated box placement, using electric tube to connect all the boxes, forming the path of electric wires for the device. The work is done when the floor was installed a steel stratum.
    • Acceptance pipe, box, meet the requirement to conduct concreting the floor.
    • Concrete floor must have someone on duty to handle in case of incidents such as:  flat pipe, breaking tubes, disconnects,

  4.3./.   Installation of cable tray systems.

    • High-level positioning, the cable tray bracket placement.
    • Outwork the bracket, installed in the positioning location, distance the bracket gutter from 1.3 m to 1.5 m.
    • At the cable tray to the cabinet position is used to down elbows and up elbows, not cut gutter by handicraff  to  transplant at the turning point, crossroad position of trough system, instead of the appendix ( tee , elbow ,cross, … ) is manufactured at the factory in order to avoid scratching the cables in cable tray.
    • The cable tray is connected to land by PVC-coated bronze or bronze to constitute a safety grounding systems for cable routes.
    • Installation of the gutters and editing.

  4.4./  Open electric pipes and spine out.

    •    Drain off the formwork floor, using the plastic wire slipping into electric pipes.
    •    After coloring the ceiling, drawing the power cable and controlling the equipment.
    •    Zipper is made a mark each route, by color and phase.

  4.5./  Check wires and install the devices.

    •   Testing whether the wires have the clear circuits, and short circuit in install process, the electrical insulation between the conductor wires, the leakage of  the electric currents.
    •   After checking the safe wires, installation of the equipment.
    •    After installation is completed, conducting test run, used ampere defines lines each phase, then the calibration phase currents to ensure the phase balance in the system.
    •    Electrical cabinets are labeled, the functional diagram of each device in a cabinet.

  4.6./   Electrical cabinet.

    •    Drawing diagrams and installation location  MCB in cabinets and size of the electrical cabinets.
    •    Outworking the electrical cabinet cover, according to the drawing of the investor.
    •    Installation of the equipment in the complete cabinets.
    •    Check the insulation, the leakage, ensuring the electrical safety and the switchgear.
    •    Installation of the cabinet into place and connect the in- out cable head.
    •    Check the phase sequence and the electrical safety.

  4.7./   Testing, checking and take over the entire system.

    • Use the resistive gauges insulated, check all the wiring circuit, ensuring the safety and aesthetic of the system.
    • Operate the system.
    • Close the power of the entire system and in no -loaded mode.
    • Operate the system in the load mode (also closed the loaded power in each level).
    • Fixing the error technical correction (if yes).
    • cleaning the entire system.
    •  Acceptance of the system, hand over.


 1. Medium Voltage Power System:

    • Underground cable systems and medium voltage cable.
    • Transformers.
    • Medium voltage Switchgear.

2. Low Voltage Power System:

    • Main electrical cabinets and electric power substation.
    • Wire and cable system for lower voltage power cabinet.
    • Electric generator.
    • Cable trunking and cable tray.


1. Industrial-Civil-Electrical Lighting Systems

– The lighting industry is growing strongly to keep pace with the growth of other industries. Since the advent of LEDs, it can be said that the lighting industry has entered a new history. The application of LED technology to the lighting industry is a breakthrough.
– In the field of lighting today, it can be divided into two main areas: industrial lighting and civil lighting.
– So what is industrial lighting and what is residential lighting, today we have a few little comparisons so you can get a basic grasp of the current 2 lighting arrays, as well as the 2 lines. products of industrial and civil leds.

a. DIFFERENCE ON LED CHIP: LED chips used for industrial products are mostly specialized led chips, usually the products used for industry have a large capacity, so LED chips must be special type of led chips. continuous with high power and very large heat. As for the LED chips used for civil products, it only works for a short time so it does not need to use special types of LED chips, so the quality will be worse.

b. THERMAL PARTS: The LED products for industry often operate continuously for a long time, combined with the use of high power so the amount of heat generated is very large, so the heat sink is a factor not Indispensable in high quality industrial led products. For high-quality products, this part is often used special types of aluminum radiator to help dissipate heat quickly for led chips, to increase the life and durability of led chips when operating continuously. For consumer products, due to their short-time use, most of the heat sink is reduced, which partly affects the quality and durability of led chips and products. .


    • With its own characteristics, industrial lighting products must use high-class ballasts, made from high quality components to form a good power supply that can operate continuously. Stable power supply maintains continuous operation of the LED chip.
    • The power supply is often referred to as the heart of high quality products, so a high quality industrial led product must go well with the good power supply.
    • Civil LED products do not need high demands on quality ballast elements, but quality civil products must still be made up of ballasts with the best components.

– With the above comparisons, maybe you can understand the characteristics to know as well as gain a clearer view of the two different specialized product lines using LED lighting technology.
– So the question here is if you are a manufacturing enterprise, factory, how to choose for yourself the LED products specialized for industrial lighting with high quality and ensure lighting needs as well as save the maximum power consumption for lighting.
– To answer this question, first you need to find reputable manufacturers or suppliers in the market, whether they have implemented projects for big companies or not, their products are How do those customers evaluate over time? I think these factors are very important for you and you to find prestigious and quality products for yourself.


– In Vietnam today, electricity for lighting accounts for about 35% of total electricity consumption. Compared to the world, this is high, because the ratio in the world is about 16-17%. In particular, the public lighting system in our country, partly because it has been installed for a long time, is degraded, partly because it uses energy-consuming technology, installation has not brought maximum efficiency, so the use of Electricity is wasted.
– According to information from the City Energy Saving Center. HCM (ECC HCMC), at present, major cities in Vietnam are still using high pressure mercury lamps or high pressure sodium for public lighting systems. In which, for example, in Hanoi 52%, Bac Giang 65%, Tuyen Quang 100%, Hoi An 60%, Ben Tre 83%, Rach Gia 90% … This is a lamp that consumes a lot of electricity, lighting efficiency Low, the average life of this lamp is not high, only from 6000 – 18000 hours, the quality and productivity are low. The system of light control stations is only managed and controlled through local cabinets and there is almost no lighting control device for this light system.
– Therefore, to reduce costs for electricity use and to cope with frequent power shortages in big cities, in recent years, many large cities in our country have had to take measures to turn off electricity. reduce public lights late at night, endangering vehicles, evils such as theft, robbery, and soar due to insufficient lighting in public places. Not to mention, these public lighting systems themselves have also contributed to beautifying the urban area, ensuring security and order, promoting trade in goods and services … Due to Therefore, if the quality of this public lighting system is improved, it will contribute to promoting the development and growth of the city in a sustainable way.
– The challenge for localities involved in the CSCC network is to increase lighting quality but reduce power consumption and cut annual operating budgets. People see public lighting as an important public service and increasingly require quality improvement. Therefore, this is a significant pressure and a problem to solve for the city government.
– ThaiBinh Technology Joint Stock Company is very proud to bring solutions and high-quality products for industrial use, LED lighting products for industry of ThaiBinh company. trusted by big factories across the country such as: P&G, Intel, Triumph, Design, American standar, Sanofi, Dynea VN, Orion vina, VN solid waste treatment, Saigon Precision … ThaiBinh Company always wants to bring lighting solutions and high quality products to customers.