1. Industrial-Civil-Electrical Lighting Systems

– The lighting industry is growing strongly to keep pace with the growth of other industries. Since the advent of LEDs, it can be said that the lighting industry has entered a new history. The application of LED technology to the lighting industry is a breakthrough.
– In the field of lighting today, it can be divided into two main areas: industrial lighting and civil lighting.
– So what is industrial lighting and what is residential lighting, today we have a few little comparisons so you can get a basic grasp of the current 2 lighting arrays, as well as the 2 lines. products of industrial and civil leds.

a. DIFFERENCE ON LED CHIP: LED chips used for industrial products are mostly specialized led chips, usually the products used for industry have a large capacity, so LED chips must be special type of led chips. continuous with high power and very large heat. As for the LED chips used for civil products, it only works for a short time so it does not need to use special types of LED chips, so the quality will be worse.

b. THERMAL PARTS: The LED products for industry often operate continuously for a long time, combined with the use of high power so the amount of heat generated is very large, so the heat sink is a factor not Indispensable in high quality industrial led products. For high-quality products, this part is often used special types of aluminum radiator to help dissipate heat quickly for led chips, to increase the life and durability of led chips when operating continuously. For consumer products, due to their short-time use, most of the heat sink is reduced, which partly affects the quality and durability of led chips and products. .


    • With its own characteristics, industrial lighting products must use high-class ballasts, made from high quality components to form a good power supply that can operate continuously. Stable power supply maintains continuous operation of the LED chip.
    • The power supply is often referred to as the heart of high quality products, so a high quality industrial led product must go well with the good power supply.
    • Civil LED products do not need high demands on quality ballast elements, but quality civil products must still be made up of ballasts with the best components.

– With the above comparisons, maybe you can understand the characteristics to know as well as gain a clearer view of the two different specialized product lines using LED lighting technology.
– So the question here is if you are a manufacturing enterprise, factory, how to choose for yourself the LED products specialized for industrial lighting with high quality and ensure lighting needs as well as save the maximum power consumption for lighting.
– To answer this question, first you need to find reputable manufacturers or suppliers in the market, whether they have implemented projects for big companies or not, their products are How do those customers evaluate over time? I think these factors are very important for you and you to find prestigious and quality products for yourself.


– In Vietnam today, electricity for lighting accounts for about 35% of total electricity consumption. Compared to the world, this is high, because the ratio in the world is about 16-17%. In particular, the public lighting system in our country, partly because it has been installed for a long time, is degraded, partly because it uses energy-consuming technology, installation has not brought maximum efficiency, so the use of Electricity is wasted.
– According to information from the City Energy Saving Center. HCM (ECC HCMC), at present, major cities in Vietnam are still using high pressure mercury lamps or high pressure sodium for public lighting systems. In which, for example, in Hanoi 52%, Bac Giang 65%, Tuyen Quang 100%, Hoi An 60%, Ben Tre 83%, Rach Gia 90% … This is a lamp that consumes a lot of electricity, lighting efficiency Low, the average life of this lamp is not high, only from 6000 – 18000 hours, the quality and productivity are low. The system of light control stations is only managed and controlled through local cabinets and there is almost no lighting control device for this light system.
– Therefore, to reduce costs for electricity use and to cope with frequent power shortages in big cities, in recent years, many large cities in our country have had to take measures to turn off electricity. reduce public lights late at night, endangering vehicles, evils such as theft, robbery, and soar due to insufficient lighting in public places. Not to mention, these public lighting systems themselves have also contributed to beautifying the urban area, ensuring security and order, promoting trade in goods and services … Due to Therefore, if the quality of this public lighting system is improved, it will contribute to promoting the development and growth of the city in a sustainable way.
– The challenge for localities involved in the CSCC network is to increase lighting quality but reduce power consumption and cut annual operating budgets. People see public lighting as an important public service and increasingly require quality improvement. Therefore, this is a significant pressure and a problem to solve for the city government.
– ThaiBinh Technology Joint Stock Company is very proud to bring solutions and high-quality products for industrial use, LED lighting products for industry of ThaiBinh company. trusted by big factories across the country such as: P&G, Intel, Triumph, Design, American standar, Sanofi, Dynea VN, Orion vina, VN solid waste treatment, Saigon Precision … ThaiBinh Company always wants to bring lighting solutions and high quality products to customers.

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