Vortex technology is shaped like pillars poking straight into the sky. Instead of capturing energy through the rotation of the propeller, the bladeless wind turbine generates electricity through vortex movement, the aerodynamic phenomenon that creates tornadoes.

Wind power technology has a simple shape, like large pillars poking straight into the sky. (Photo: Vortex)

Vortex’s shape was developed by computer technology to ensure the swirling winds work simultaneously throughout the column body. In the first version, the column body was made of a mixture of fiberglass and carbon fiber, allowing it to move at maximum. The bottom of the column is two opposing magnets, acting as a non-electric motor. When the pole oscillates in one direction, the magnet pulls it in the opposite direction. This kinetic energy is then converted into electricity through an electric knife.

In terms of performance, a Vortex Mini with a height of about 12 m can collect 40% of wind energy in ideal conditions (when the wind reaches 42 km / h). According to experimental results, Vortex Mini gains 30% less energy than current wind turbines, however, with the same area of ​​fan turbine, we can place two Vortex.

The developers claim that the technology costs 51% less than current technologies because of the absence of gears, bolts or machine moving devices, and maintenance costs are also lower. In addition, technology also has many other advantages such as not making noise and safety for birds.

The researchers expect the first product to be a 100-watt, 2.7-meter high turbine that will be released by the end of this year.



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